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Our preparation to clean the existing VAT floor (ECT-50 Chemical etchant) does not disturb the existing surface or releases fibres into the air. The use of machine abrasion, machine cleaning or demolition is not needed. Existing voids are filled, thereby a solid bonded surface is created.

Inherently more hygienic
 Most durable monolithic floor available
No abrasion, machine cleaning or demolition





innovative and unique processes achieve a highly desirable appearance that's extremely durable, for a fraction of the price of conventional flooring.

Provides superior quality & performance

More environmentally friendly choice over conventional flooring options

Application requires less energy consumption
Interior & exterior floors, countertops, tables, and many other horizontal surfaces can all be enhanced using these new methods






Revolutionary coatings for protection of: concrete & pavers, tile and pool tile, pool decks, stucco, tile roofs, counter tops, marble and granite, and outdoor hvac units.




Unprecedented cleanability

Resistance to mold, germs, and stains

For HVAC equipment, a large increase in efficiency and lowers heating and cooling costs

Traditional Methods

Benefits to Ecosmart Solutions

• Tear out using special protective gear


• Expensive for the look of luxury


• Time consuming and messy

• Harmless removal, no protective gear required


• A fraction of the cost of traditional methods


• Process is quick, no downtime, no tear outs


Ecosmart Surface & Coating Technologies

Ecosmart Surface & Coating Technologies has developed exciting new alternatives in decorative floor surface coverings and industrial strength coatings. Innovative and unique processes (patents pending) achieve a highly desirable appearance that’s extremely durable, provides superior quality and performance, and offers a more environmentally friendly choice as opposed to conventional surface flooring and coating options. Application also requires less energy consumption than conventional processes.  Interior and exterior flooring, countertops and many other horizontal surfaces can all be enhanced using these new methods.

Ecosmart Surface & Coating Technologies also www.creates industrial coatings to control rust, corrosion, and mold in equipment; an anti-slip coating for existing surfaces; and a sealant that protects timber from fungal damage. Other subsequent avenues of pursuit include anti-bacterial infection control coatings, mold prevention coatings, and self-cleaning coatings for the automotive and marine industries. These coatings also completely seal in asbestos tiles - removing all hazardous materials in the process.

Ecosmart Surface & Coating Technologies uses proprietary techniques that satisfy rigorous construction and environmental standards, as well as the aesthetic demands of consumers.  They provide all the beauty expected of wood, marble, and other traditional materials for hard surfaces while using environmentally friendly chemicals in the fabrication and installation processes.

An extraordinarily detailed, photo realistic stone inlay, parquet, or any other customized look can be recreated in virtually any location, and on a variety of surfaces.

The Ecosmart Surface Technologies application process is both forgiving and undemanding.  Evacuation of the premises is not generally required, and disruption is minimal.  Baseboards may be left in place, and existing tile, laminate wood, vinyl, or other flooring usually do not need to be removed, including floors containing asbestos.  Our process does not require any mechanical preparatory techniques, even rough concrete is acceptable as a substrate, saving the time and cost associated with the typical demolition and pre-installation conditioning of the surface.  In addition, the products used generate very little in the way of unwanted chemical emissions, dust, or waste product.

Suitable for a wide variety of large scale commercial applications as well as residential use, an Ecosmart Surface Technologies installation is a smart surface solution.


Business Description

The company envisions becoming a leader in the field, offering unique, high quality products that meet a growing desire for green building products that offer style and value.

Photo realistic images are printed onto a substrate to duplicate the desired finish in high definition.  In addition to a classic marble floor, for example, a custom color combination, or a corporate logo, state seal, even a family coat of arms may also be incorporated into the design.  These elements are affixed to the overlay material and meticulously applied to the surface.  Finally, it is sealed into the special polymer finishing coating, creating a uniquely sensible, environmentally sensitive, and visually striking result that’s extremely durable.

The Ecosmart Surface & Coating Technologies product line provides a practical option with unlimited design potential, and is flexible enough to be used in a variety of renovation or new construction applications.   The company’s principals have exceptional technical expertise and experience in the industry, and fully expect that the products will achieve broad success.  Original equipment manufacturers (OEM), commercial developers, government procurement officers, and retail outlets reflect the breadth and depth of the anticipated customer base.


Definition of the Market

Interest in sustainable building is expanding.  It is now recognized as within reach for most budgets, as well as functional and cost-effective, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, reducing health hazards, and preserving the environment.

Those qualities have led to large and small scale building project managers turning to greener techniques that can satisfy the full range of requirements.  There is currently a good opportunity to establish a strong presence in the marketplace, since the number of manufacturers of these products is limited.

Ecosmart Surface & Coating Technologies products meet the challenge.  They offer high end appeal with the distinct advantage of practicality.

Potential for use includes large footprint applications such as the hospitality and leisure industry, medical facilities, public buildings such as educational, government and judicial facilities, as well as residential remodeling and new construction.

Many of the residential, commercial, industrial & institutional buildings built in the first half of the 20th century utilized asbestos flooring, now known to be carcinogenic.  Traditional methods to remove or seal asbestos are extremely expensive and labor intensive, and carry a risk of exposure to the cancer causing material.  Rather than disturbing the asbestos, Ecosmart Surface Technologies’ patented products and processes completely encapsulate it in place with a permanent chemical bond.  This is a faster and safer solution to a complicated problem that exists in many older buildings.  It is estimated that there are still trillions of square feet of flooring with cancer causing asbestos that can be sealed and made safe using our products.

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